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Louisa Boren K-8 STEM PTA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.
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 At Louisa Boren STEM K-8, we have built an exceptional community, and this is an exceptional year.  Teachers are rapidly adjusting to meet the needs of our kids, families are adjusting their lives to accommodate our new reality, and students are showing all of us just how resilient they can be. Our adaptability, creativity, and strong sense of community have helped us navigate this unprecedented year together, but we need your support to continue our important work.


I’m asking you to give in two ways: 

Give for today. 

Give for the future. 


Today, if there is something that someone in our community needs to support the wellbeing of our students, teachers, and community, we want to say "yes." 

Maybe it’s a stylus pens for Kindergarten classes or a curtain to give a student privacy for Teams calls in a busy household. Maybe it’s a set of large print books for circle time to make reading easier in 1st grade or a drawing pad a salmon project in 4th grade. It might be colored pencils, ear phones, clay, hot glue, scissors, and paper showing up at the doors of students who don’t have access to these supplies, or a gas card to ease the financial strain on the teacher making these deliveries... Your support helps teachers and students  DO STEM where they are at. 

Making a donation now is also an investment in our community’s future. It allows the PTA to replenish the budget cuts we made last Spring, and it  directly funds projects, enrichment, community, classroom funds, and supplies that our community counts on now and in the future. 

Please join me in supporting your kid, our students, and our teachers, for all the “yes!” we need to say now and for the future, for all the amazing that is to come. We are all in this together.


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