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Apr 14, 2017 3:00 PM (PDT)


$1000 Allows for professional development and collaboration on between grade band teachers; allows for planning time for Project Based Learning, Singapore Math and Next Gen Science; helps support our Project Based Learning resource staff who makes community connections and helps teachers put Project Based Learning plans into action.

$500 Keeps devices maintained, funds replacements and supports updates for current technology needs; supports IT infrastructure and tech support.

$250 Supports scholarships for before and after school programs, admission into robotics completions, and collaboration on tools for staff.

$100 Adds four or five books on STEM-specific topics to our library including books about women and people of color in technology, coding, and design.

$50 Provides licenses for math programs that support foundational learning and student assessments; purchases maker-space materials for tech, library, and classrooms.

$25 Trains one teacher for one hour on techniques and the application of technology in the classroom.


Item Added: March 03, 2017